Saturday, 13 December 2014

PaidVerts promotion to help promote and gain more BAP points

PaidVerts website promotion from fellow believers in I/OCoin

Recently a loyal supporter of I/OCoin decided to help promote our new website via a site we had not heard of before.   The site is called PaidVerts, which when you help promote a website, it could be your own website on in this case, it was ours that was promoted it gives the person who promotes out site extra BAP points.   So not only are they able to promote  but in turn help to get our new website, lots of new attention and hopefully, when they read about all our fantastic developments, they too will become new #iocoin investors.

It is really great when member of the community come together and decide to help i/ocoin, it is most welcome and really nice to see that other people are willing to spend their time and money to help promote our coin.

For more information about Paidverts, please see: How to use PaidVerts  

These are very exciting times for I/OCoin with lots of great developments being worked on, that are coming along nicely.

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