Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Buy I/OCoin digital Currency on ebay. Pay with Bank Transfer, UK and Europe or Bitcoin, fast and easy.

Buy I/OCoin on ebay via bank transfer for UK & Europe or bitcoin.

Many people and potential new investors to cryptocurrency can struggle to easily purchase a alt coin, most cases, require you to sign up to a trading platform to buy a Bitcoin, then send the BT#C to a cryptocurrency exchange, like #Bittrex and then buy the alt coin you desire.  This can be quite time consuming and troublesome for some people.

Thats why here at I/OCoin we want to give  potential investors , new and old as many options as possible when it comes to buying I/OCoin (trading pairing IOC).  We are always looking to add IOC, to new crypto trading sites and also finding ways to make it easier for people to buy i/ocoin directly as quickly and easily as possible.

Ebay allows us to offer you #iocoin at a great price and enables new comers to our digital currency, to buy i/ocoin without any need to go through exchanges or have to purchase bitcoin first.

If you are new to i/ocoin and are looking to invest in our coin (which right now, at this price would be a very wise move), you will need the latest desktop wallet to store your precious IOC.

First step is to download the latest i/ocoin wallet  (for windows, apple OSX and Linux) here:

i/ocoin wallet download

We have just updated out website with more information to follow. There is a fantastic guide on how to use a windows QT wallet and all of its functions. I/OCoin realized that there was no other user guide of its kind to be found and as we are always trying to make learning about crypto as easy as possible we took the time to carefully prepare a full user guide explaining all the features of a Windows QT  crypto wallet.

Once you have your wallet, you will need to make sure of the following, before you buy iocoin. This certainly applies to all alt coin wallets, especially the bitcoin wallet.

Once wallet is running, make sure to encrypt (password protect) it straight away.

Go to:  Settings > Encrypt wallet.

Make sure you create a long password, with no words and anything that look like words. Please read  our new blog post with the full QT wallet user guide , thank you.

One last thing to note, before you can receive coins, your wallet will have to fully 'load' and be in sync with the network, depending on your connection, this  can take several hours.

Then you will be able to receive your new i/ocoin.

Buy i/ocoin form

The market for i/ocoin is quite stable, but prices can change one per week or more if there is a buying frenzy on the trading exchanges.

eBay item number: 221622599979
Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing.
The item number might change, when a new listing is made, but hte title will always remain the same. So if you can not locate listing, via item number.
Please search for " Cryptocurrency i/ocoin 10,000 IOC I/OCOIN Digital Currency Limited Offer  FAST"

Our i/ocoin member works between the UK and Europe, currently in Slovakia, as state in the listing.  This is great because it allows for more payment options.

How to pay? 

 Payment can be made direct to a uk bank account and the funds will arrive within 15mins when sent from another UK bank account and coins sent directly after.

Payment also to a Slovakia bank account  (best for European users outside of the UK)

Bitcoin - payment accepted in bitcoin also.

Simple, fast and friendly.  

Order your i/ocoin today from!


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