Saturday, 13 December 2014

PaidVerts promotion to help promote and gain more BAP points

PaidVerts website promotion from fellow believers in I/OCoin

Recently a loyal supporter of I/OCoin decided to help promote our new website via a site we had not heard of before.   The site is called PaidVerts, which when you help promote a website, it could be your own website on in this case, it was ours that was promoted it gives the person who promotes out site extra BAP points.   So not only are they able to promote  but in turn help to get our new website, lots of new attention and hopefully, when they read about all our fantastic developments, they too will become new #iocoin investors.

It is really great when member of the community come together and decide to help i/ocoin, it is most welcome and really nice to see that other people are willing to spend their time and money to help promote our coin.

For more information about Paidverts, please see: How to use PaidVerts  

These are very exciting times for I/OCoin with lots of great developments being worked on, that are coming along nicely.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Buy I/OCoin digital Currency on ebay. Pay with Bank Transfer, UK and Europe or Bitcoin, fast and easy.

Buy I/OCoin on ebay via bank transfer for UK & Europe or bitcoin.

Many people and potential new investors to cryptocurrency can struggle to easily purchase a alt coin, most cases, require you to sign up to a trading platform to buy a Bitcoin, then send the BT#C to a cryptocurrency exchange, like #Bittrex and then buy the alt coin you desire.  This can be quite time consuming and troublesome for some people.

Thats why here at I/OCoin we want to give  potential investors , new and old as many options as possible when it comes to buying I/OCoin (trading pairing IOC).  We are always looking to add IOC, to new crypto trading sites and also finding ways to make it easier for people to buy i/ocoin directly as quickly and easily as possible.

Ebay allows us to offer you #iocoin at a great price and enables new comers to our digital currency, to buy i/ocoin without any need to go through exchanges or have to purchase bitcoin first.

If you are new to i/ocoin and are looking to invest in our coin (which right now, at this price would be a very wise move), you will need the latest desktop wallet to store your precious IOC.

First step is to download the latest i/ocoin wallet  (for windows, apple OSX and Linux) here:

i/ocoin wallet download

We have just updated out website with more information to follow. There is a fantastic guide on how to use a windows QT wallet and all of its functions. I/OCoin realized that there was no other user guide of its kind to be found and as we are always trying to make learning about crypto as easy as possible we took the time to carefully prepare a full user guide explaining all the features of a Windows QT  crypto wallet.

Once you have your wallet, you will need to make sure of the following, before you buy iocoin. This certainly applies to all alt coin wallets, especially the bitcoin wallet.

Once wallet is running, make sure to encrypt (password protect) it straight away.

Go to:  Settings > Encrypt wallet.

Make sure you create a long password, with no words and anything that look like words. Please read  our new blog post with the full QT wallet user guide , thank you.

One last thing to note, before you can receive coins, your wallet will have to fully 'load' and be in sync with the network, depending on your connection, this  can take several hours.

Then you will be able to receive your new i/ocoin.

Buy i/ocoin form

The market for i/ocoin is quite stable, but prices can change one per week or more if there is a buying frenzy on the trading exchanges.

eBay item number: 221622599979
Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing.
The item number might change, when a new listing is made, but hte title will always remain the same. So if you can not locate listing, via item number.
Please search for " Cryptocurrency i/ocoin 10,000 IOC I/OCOIN Digital Currency Limited Offer  FAST"

Our i/ocoin member works between the UK and Europe, currently in Slovakia, as state in the listing.  This is great because it allows for more payment options.

How to pay? 

 Payment can be made direct to a uk bank account and the funds will arrive within 15mins when sent from another UK bank account and coins sent directly after.

Payment also to a Slovakia bank account  (best for European users outside of the UK)

Bitcoin - payment accepted in bitcoin also.

Simple, fast and friendly.  

Order your i/ocoin today from!

Sunday, 30 November 2014

How to Buy I/OCoin with Bitcoin

How to buy Bitcoin to purchase I/OCoin (IOC) via trading exchanges.

1- Buy Bitcoin.  This is the step most people can find the most challenging. But it is really quite simple to buy Bitcoin's.  There are many ways to buy bitcoin, here are the best known, depending on your location in the world.

If you are in the UK, then we can highly recommend using  BitBargain

Bitbargain is for customer in the UK, it is very easy to sing up to the site to purchase Bitcoins.
Also, the sellers on the site are professional and have to pass quite a tough test and lots of verification processes to be able to sell bitcoins.  So you can rest assured you are dealing with professionals who will make your transaction easy.

Most importantly the transaction is 100% safe and secure.  There are many ways you can buy bitcoin from bitbargain, the most used option is Bank transfer, but you also have many other options as seen in the picture below.

Then you simply choose what you would like to buy, in this case Bitcoin  (they do offer Litecoin and Namecoin also)

Then enter the number you wish to purchase and click "Find Offers".

The top offers will be the cheapest and each seller has a green bar next to their ID, the fuller the bar the better the rating, but as you will see nearly all sellers have over 90% ratings.

So, if you are not in the UK, but are in Europe, you will be asking how can i buy bitcoins.  We would suggest you use.

Again, similar to bitbargain, First sign up.  simply enter what you want to buy, where you are located and select amount and payment option. Also, just like bitbargain, you will see all the sellers have ratings, so you can easily select who to deal with.

Also, If you are outside of Europe, then this is also a great way to easily buy bitcoins.

2- Sing up to Trading Exchange like Buy IOC on Bittrex or IOC to buy on AskCoin

Really quick and simple to do. When buying, you do not have to provide any ID documents, simply enter username and password and you will be ready to buy/trade.

Once you have signed up and have your account, go to the Wallet or Balance section.  Then simply locate Bitcoin.  When you first sign up to a site, you will need to generate a Bitcoin address.

3- Generate Bitcoin address

When you select bitcoin you will be asked to click a button that says 'Generate address'. Now you will have your Bitcoin address.  This is where you will send the bitcoin, you have just purchased.

Note: When sending Bitcoin to a exchange, it can often take from 30-60 mins.

Then after tis time, you will see you have your bitcoin in your balance and you are ready to buy I/OCoin. 

If you are new to trading, there are many guides on how to buy alt coins from exchanges, but it is very easy to do.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to enable 2FA protection on your new account straight away.

4- Buy IOC (I/Ocoin)

For this example, i will use bittrex.  You have your bitcoin and now you want to buy IOC  IOC is the trading name for I/OCoin.

BTC-IOC market on bittrex

You will now see this screen, if you are logged in.  Please make sure to be logged into Bittrex.

You will notice on the Left Hand Side.  Buy IOCoin.

You will be asked how many 'units' (coins) you want to buy and what price you want to pay.

If you would like to spend all your bitcoin in one go, simply click MAX.  But at this point, it is a good idea to set the price you would like to buy at. (BID Price).

You will notice there is a down arrow on the blue Price box. If you click this it gives you 3 options.Last, Bid and Ask.

You always want to buy your coins as cheap as possible.  So always select Bid. And your order will go to the top of the buying book.

But, like anything in life, you have choices and you may want to try and buy cheaper or you might just want to buy all you can straight away.

Most people know how to buy on exchanges, but we were all new to it once. So please. If you have any questions or you are new to buying bitcoin and using exhchanges, please contact us, we are always happy to help and you will receive replies very quickly.

5 - Family and Friends

By far the quickest and most secure way to buy bitcoin.  Maybe a family or friend introduced you to bitcoin and alt coins, theyare the perfect people to ask and to buy bitcoin and IOC from.  If you have this option, then it really does make buying IOC very easy to do.

Contact I/OCoin at the following places.

#Slack  Please join us on Slack, our #1 communication home. You will need to request access, this ensures the quality of people who will be able to help you.

To request to join slack (highly recommended)  please use this link:

Join I/OCoin in Slack today!

Also, send us a email at:

Here at I/OCoin we are here for everyone. There is always someone at hand to help all new comers and answer any questions you may have.

We look forward to hearing from you and hope you will join our loyal i/ocoin investors today!

Best wishes from all the team at I/OCoin.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

I/OCoin, Limited Edition, physical coins, Slack communication and

I/OCoin believers,

It has been a couple of weeks since our last update here.  Needless to say, we are working every day, over 12hrs a day to bring you the developments we mentioned in our new whitepaper, which can be found here:

The developments are going great and everything is on schedule to be completed in time, but as we all know in developing, that can change quickly, but so far, we are blessed with good fortune, may it continue.

 We wanted to bring to your attention a website we found it has some fantastic physical I/OCoins, they offer free postage and nice gifts boxes with all orders, worldwide.

They are a great gift idea, with Christmas not too far away now and i can assure you, having bought and received one myself, they are really top quality and feel great in the hand.  People have used them as 'Good Luck Charms' for trading and even as unique personal  playing pieces for board games like monopoly!

It is always great to see people create new gift ideas and we are always happy to support anyone who does something great for I/OCoin like these physical coins.

Also, to note, we have moved our chat over to Slack, the new communication platform, that is taking the world by storm. Thats why our bitcointalk thread looks quiet , many people are now over on Slack.

It is invitation only and the link here, will ask for a invite: Slack invite to the i/ocoin community

Plus, we are now in the voting stage to be added to a new and exciting trading platform, , we must say, we do not agree with their voting system, as you can pay for votes, we all know from the Mintpal days, that paid voting is far from fair and often ends up with 'bad' cryptocurrency being voted onto the site. 

Please see: and vote for i/ocoin today.

One last thing.  How would you like to win 20,000 I/OCoins?  (worth around 0.2BTC).

Simply head on over to our facebook page and enter the Giveaway, you will find the app, on the left hand side of the i/ocoin page.

There are 3 questions to answers, 2 ask for you to have a html5 wallet and a android mobile wallet, but we understand this is not possible for everyone, but there is a great video on you tube about the mobile wallet you can take a look at, to leave your thoughts

Android, google play i/ocoin mobile wallet demo

Thank you for supporting our coin, there are lots of big promotions planned and this will certainly take I/OCoin to a new level in terms of strength and investments.

Many thanks from all the team.

Monday, 3 November 2014

IOCoin new whitepaper hints at Etherium style features, Decentralization and Blockchain building.

General Purpose Hierarchical Decentralized Key-value storage on the blockchain. Plus private transactions, thanks to DIONS, Decentralizes IONS.

Cryptocurrency is continuing to throw up many more questions, than it gives answers.  This can often be said about the Whitepapers altcoins release.

Well here at I/OCoin we have produced a white paper that most people in crypto will understand, unlike many others that require you to be a programmer to get the basics.

So lets start.

Please find the Whitepaper here:
and grab yourself a nice cup of tea and enjoy the read.

I/OCoin is proving once again, it is at the top of the cryptocurrency scene with these new developments, developments that are in tune with what Etherium is planning, this is a big step for this coin and one that will gain the attention that I/OCoin deserves.

There is a new name sending system in DIONS, that is decentralized and also allows for the option of private transactions, ideal for when paying for good using IOC and not wanting others to know your true balance.

Then there is the fantastic Blockchain, IOC continues to improve. Soon our blockchain will have smart contracts and the ability to store and build on the blockchain, really advanced for any cryptocoin.

Not only that, there is some groundbreaking promotion coming to i/ocoin, teaming up with the music industry, bringing you new skins for the fantastic html5 wallets and also the fix for the windows 8 html5 wallet.

Also, our Developers will be at the North American bitcoin, #btc conference in Miami Exciting times.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

I/OCoin explanation of the IONS fee. Please read.

Recently a question came up about the IONS fee for registering your IONS user name.   Here you will read a full explanation of what the fee will be used for and again, showing the openness and honesty of I/OCoin, something we pride ourselves on, we have included the wallet address for anyone to check the coin balance at any time.

I/Ocoin: ions fee's address: iou5UgEAeNwn5W8ma5fDsUEXx1LwhVVta1

This is the address fees collected from IONS registration go to.   Please note, when a user sends the 200 IOC payment it sends to a address that is unique each time, we then collect the fee's from these addresses and hold them in the main wallet, which we also stake, to gain more coins.

You can easily calculate the fees we have gathered by simply seeing how many user names have been registered with us, currently 112. So 112 x 200 = 22,400 I/O Coin digital currency.  You will also note that when you check the wallet address on the blockchain, using our block explorer found here:

The balance may be missing around 200-1000 (2-6 fees) at any one time, because we need to transfer the funds as mentioned above.  But one thing is for sure, when the time comes to donate the coins, every one will be accounted for.

Why we charge a fee.

The small fee of only 200 i/ocoins also has the added protection of preventing people from creating countless user-names and spaming the ions name server, after all, we only want names that will be used and not names that have been made up just to squat there, a classic example of this is the .com boom, when people were snatching up all the domain names just to then sit on them in the hope one day they can sell for a good profit.

But most importantly, the fee will be used to help others that are less fortunate than us and will be donated to a charitable cause. Not only that the community will have the say in where the funds will be donated to.  Plus, we will not be dumping the coins , collected from the IONS fee's on the exchange, but we will have community member who will buy the coins from us for bitcoin.   You can see examples of our charitable work on our thread.

As you will read in post: #381, where I/OCoin digital Currency donated $10,000 USD. The sum was donated to the rape and torture victim Mairelis Gonzalez and other victims for various expenses. Mairelis is one of the  women that is part of a group of 34 Cubans arrested after arriving in Nassau the coast of Bahamas. Lorenzo Palomares is the  Constitutional lawyer and a trial lawyer that represents the victims in the Bahama case.

Also in the same post: The IO Community has also donated $200 for Diego Jaens surgery. Diego suffers from neurofibromatosis, a severe tumor on his face, which grew by 120 percent after his last surgery in 2011, where doctors were able to extract 70 percent of the tumor mass. Today Diego's first surgery has been a success, as his Doctor mentions. He is currently in intensive care to recoup before his 2nd operation.

And post: #806 Where our Developer donated $100 to the well known Ice bucket challenge, also calling out other well known crypto coins to match this donation, but non of them did!

So as you can see, the IONS fee play are important part in being able to give back to good causes and at the same time restoring the faith that has been severely dented in crypto over the past few months.

We would just like to take this opportunity to thank all our supporters new and old here at I/O Coin Digital Currency and we can say the future is looking much brighter, which you will see over the next few weeks.

Many thanks from the I/O Coin Digital Currency Team.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

HTML5 Desktop crypto currency wallet for I/OCoin - Update

HTML5 Mobile wallet progress update.

Our Microsoft Windows 7 and Apple Mac, OSX HTML5 wallets are 99% ready for release. We're doing everything in our power to release them by tomorrow, Friday the 3rd October. These will be followed by a Linux version and a little later a Windows 8 64bit Version, this is proving to be the  challenging wallet to compile. The QT Wallets will be fully functional on our network, giving you the option to use both qt or the HTML5 desktop wallet. Further updates on our progress later tonight,  thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter, when you experience exactly the work and dedication that has gone into creating I/OCoin, HTML5 crypto currency wallet, it is easy to understand why no other crypto currency has ever been able to release a pure, HTML5 wallet.

Great news on the mobile android wallet. A Point of Sale Mode update, tomorrow, Friday October 3rd. Businesses will have the ability to create and send invoices, with the option to email and print receipts. Something no other crypto wallet, as far as I can recall, have these important features. I/O Coin Digital Currency, mobile users, can also generate Qr codes to pay later (there's a time frame in which you must pay). Lastly, a conversion tool so businesses have the ability to add tax to their invoices.

If you would like to donate to our fund please do so by:

1- Simply entering our IONS name to send coins to: iofund-io

2- or using our wallet address: iqMpxsw3ZVLCNnM2Y6bLWahapbvs9cVALu

Saturday, 27 September 2014

I/OCoin Digital Currency CoinDesk news article. Featuring the new PoS system, PoS I/O Coin

Read about I/O Coin's news article on

IO Coin Digital Currency is now the number one PoS (Proof of Stake) #crypto currency coin.  That's right, we have a much improved system over the likes of Peercoin, who currently trade at over $1 a coin! Compared to #iocoin 1 cent a coin. (though this will soon change)

So, what is PoS I/O ?

Please read the bitcointalk thread post, #1042 for a better understanding.

But in short these are the major improvements of the previous PoS2.0.

1- PoS I/O transaction fees are destroyed, leading to deflation of our coin total (16 Million).
2- Option to slightly increase transaction fee for almost instant transaction times!
3- More secure and reliable blockchain (very important)

Plus other technical advancements. 

It just goes to prove the talents of the I/O coin developer team.

Not to mention our new blog post will be about the best (and one of very few)
HTML5 desktop crypto wallets you have ever seen, something that has got many people feeling very happy and excited about the future of I/O Digital Currency.

I/O Digital Currency is a long term coin and a solid invest in crypto now and for the long term.

Thank you from the IO Dev Team.

If you would like to donate to our fund please do so by:

1- Simply entering our IONS name to send coins to: iofund-io

2- or using our wallet address: iqMpxsw3ZVLCNnM2Y6bLWahapbvs9cVALu

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Facebook I/Ocoin prize rules.

Dear fellow I/Ocoin supporters.

Our facebook page, is gaining lots of followers, no surprise considering the fantastic #iocoin monthly give away, we are rewarding to our loyal Facebook fans.

With this in mind, i want to outline a few simple steps to make sure you have the best chance of wining.

1- Download the new #iocoin wallet for your desktop computer today.
Download latest iocoin wallet

2- Make sure to keep your wallet open and staking, daily, as it also keeps the blocks up to date.
*If your blocks are not up to date it takes much longer to receive coins

3- Create your IONS user name. How to here:
How to create a iocoin IONS username.

Now you are ready to receive your #Free #iocoin .

NOTE: All prizes will be sent to #facebook follower using their IONS name.

Good luck and i look forward to seeing you on facebook -

UPDATE: Coins will be given away to the most active and Loyal supporters.

Please see this post: #1203  it will guide you on all the fantastic places you can help spread the good word about I/Ocoin.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Follow and Like I/Ocoin on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ To WIN BIG !

Dear I/O Coin Supporters.

We need to increase our loyal fan base.  IOCoin now has the social sites created to help us gain my followers, please do your very best to help promote the great work being done here by the I/O Coin development team.

Not only wil it help the coin is all possible ways, but as a Thank You from the I/Ocoin team, we will be rewarding nice prizes every month for helping us.

Social Media please we need more followers and Likes are:

1- Twitter  Make sure to Follow Us and leave a nice comment, simply saying Hello or "I/Ocoin has a new supporter!"

2- Facebook - - Again please Like us on Facebook and leave a comment. There will be monthly give aways of at least 2,000 iocoins to one lucky follower each and ever month!

3- Google+ -   Make sure to press the +1 button to help us gain more exposure in google search results!

This few steps will take less than 15mins to do, everyone can spare 15mins in their day. Also once you have done this, please make sure to stop by our forum and say hello also. I/Ocoin official forum thread.

A BIG thank you from all the team here!  We look forward to seeing many new supporters of this fantastic digital currency! 

 If you would like to donate to our fund please do so by:

1- Simply entering our IONS name to send coins to: iofund-io

2- or using our wallet address: iqMpxsw3ZVLCNnM2Y6bLWahapbvs9cVALu

Every  donation is used to create new and fantastic developments for I/Ocoin and also to donate to people who help iocoin by posting News articles and competitions.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

I/O Coin's current live give aways. Earn up to 2,00 free io coin.

Greetings to all New and Old I/Ocoin supporters. 

Just wanted to give you a update on the live free coins we will be giving away to one lucky I/Ocoin supporter!

5,000 I/Ocoin competition!

Not long now and i/ocoin will have a fantastic HTML5 desktop wallet, hardly anyone in crypto has been able to create such a wallet and it shows a true test of the hard work and dedication of the I/Ocoin Developer team!

To celebrate the launch of our HTML5 desktop wallet will reward 5,000 IOC (iocoins) to the person who create the best looking skin!  As this wallet will be HTML5 , you will be able to customize it however you like.

So all you creative HTML5 designers, create I/Ocoin a really nice looking skin, for your chance to win!

Twitter - Win 1,000 i/ocoins.

It is hard to believe i/ocoin official Twitter page still only has just over 500 followers!  We strive to reach 1,000 and much more.   So when we reach 1,000 twitter followers, one of our lucky followers will receive 1,000 iocoins and not just that! Every time i/ocoin reaches the thousand landmark on twitter we will give one of our supporters 1,000 coins!

So make sure to spread the good word:

Facebook - Win 2,000  i/ocoins. 

Our Facebook page is still young and need to reach out to more people.

We will award 2,000 coins when we reach 100 Likes to one of our loyal supporters of this fantastic digital currency.  Simply Like us for your change to win!

Not only this!  EVERY MONTH will we reward one of our Facebook fans with 2,000 i/ocoins

So do not delay, head over to facebook and like us today!

(PS: If you leave a nice comment if might just boost your chances!)

 If you would like to donate to our fund please do so by:

1- Simply entering our IONS name to send coins to: iofund-io

2- or using our wallet address: iqMpxsw3ZVLCNnM2Y6bLWahapbvs9cVALu

Every  donation is used to create new and fantastic developments for I/Ocoin and also to donate to people who help iocoin by posting News articles and competitions.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

I/Ocoin's long term vision of being fully transparent and abiding within all anti-money laundering regulations.

The future of Digital Coins is to be fully law abiding, this is exactly what iocoin will always remain.

I/OCoin is a long term coin that has taken steps from day one to make sure if gets adopted by real world #business and by doing this will still be around when the government takes measures to ban or seriously restrict any digital #currency that does not fall within the rules banks and other financial institutions abide by.

Please read the extract "from  Erik Barnett, HSI, U.S. Department of Homeland Security"
posted on our forum:

It explains clearly what the future holds for digital currency and those alternate coins who do not fall within these laws will, no doubt, be banned from the exchanges.

Many great points to consider.  This is vital is you want to invest in a coin that has a real world use and adoption.

"law enforcement also recognizes that virtual currencies must play by the same rules that create trust in financial institutions.  Because, ultimately to succeed, they will need to be seen by consumers and businesses as reliable and not as the backbone of an underground criminal economy"

 I/O coin plays by the same rules, we are coin that people and businesses can trust and rely upon.

  "virtual currencies need to engage in self-policing through industry-proven anti-money laundering controls.  They also need to eliminate anonymous transactions and should be regulated universally with harmonized rules"

I/O Coin has always been Non Anon and it shall always remain this way! This is a very smart move by the team with their fantastic long term vision. IF you are not investing in Non Anon coins, you are risking your investment disappearing over night!

"Anti-Money Laundering Controls

Self-policing against money laundering is a hallmark of the financial industry worldwide.  Establishing appropriate anti-money laundering controls results in banking systems not plagued by criminal activity or terrorist financing."

Developments are being made for the future to ensure all io coins transactions can be easily traced and invoiced.


As to regulation, the financial industry is already highly regulated.  FinCEN has recently made clear that virtual currencies fall under current regulations.  So, no one is proposing special regulations for the internet that do not apply to brick and mortar banking facilities. Now, innovators and entrepreneurs may recoil at the word regulation"

Without regulation, crypto will remain like the wild west, a continuous creating of scam coins and people loosing their hard earned money to criminals. I/O Coin welcome regulations as this will ensure investors in crypto currency will have little to fear and know that their investment is as secure as it can be.

"We have a unique opportunity to get ahead of this, to see, based upon the past year or two, what the next five years will likely look like if we do not make some changes in how we look at this new technology to eliminate the criminal exploitation that will undoubtedly occur.

And as importantly, with an appropriate level of private and public cooperation, we can see a robust industry in virtual currencies with a strong reputation as appropriate intermediaries of online commerce"

Being a digital coin that is trying putting back faith into the crypto world and making people see that investing in genuine coins, is the best move is what I/O coin is doing daily.   We want to create the most transparent coins the #crypto world has ever seen, because by doing this, we will have the very best change of mass adoption and with mass adoption comes the returns that all the hard work done by this fantastic developer team and all our loyal investors will deserve.

But our main goal will always be the same. To be fully law abiding and work hard towards real world business adoption.

Many thanks from all the team!

If you would like to donate to our fund please do so by:

1- Simply entering our #IONS name to send coins to: iofund-io

2- or using our #wallet address: iqMpxsw3ZVLCNnM2Y6bLWahapbvs9cVALu

Every  donation is used to create new and fantastic developments for I/Ocoin and also to donate to people who help iocoin by posting News articles and competitions.

Friday, 12 September 2014

I/OCoin working Devs and their development projects.

Hello Fellow Crypto Fans,

It has been a while since i last made a post as i was out of the country, now i am home and back to business (although i was still working while i was away, no rest for the I/Ocoin team members!)

Many people are not aware of the developments and developers I/Ocoin has, so today i am going to make a post that shows the numbers of Dev's and what they are working on.

As I/Ocoin has several Devs from Russia, they can not be named, so simple numbers will be used.


#1,2,3: Working on the new HTML wallet.  One of the very first coins in crypto to have such a new  wallet for storing your coins on your desktop! The old QT wallet has never been re-designed and totally remade, this is going to be a trend setter in crypto.

#4 - Re-branding, working on a whole new look for I/Ocoin , much more professional and business orientated.

#5,6 - Working on make the POS network much more secure and stable and will soon launch POS£.0  brand new to the crypto world!

#7,8 - Working on adding new 'tabs' and features to the new HTML wallet.

#9 Creating POS3.0 !  Making the block chain even more secure and reliable!

Working on a Top Secret project, no details can be released, as this has never been done before in #crypto and for a god reason, it is 'world class' developing difficulty... Watch this space!

Plus not to forget the hard work done by the mobile wallet creators also.

Also there are 2 Full Time social staff working on keeping all our investors up to date with the news and updates.

At I/Ocoin the Devs do not stop, we have Developers from Europe and in America so working around the clock, no mater what time of the day it is where you are, they is ALWAYS someone doing something to help with the developments of io coin.

I/Ocoin does not give false promises like most of other alts in the crypto currency market.  It gives people real developments and real features.

Stay Tuned!

 If you would like to donate to our fund please do so by:

1- Simply entering our IONS name to send coins to: iofund-io

2- or using our wallet address: iqMpxsw3ZVLCNnM2Y6bLWahapbvs9cVALu

Every  donation is used to create new and fantastic developments for I/Ocoin and also to donate to people who help iocoin by posting News articles and competitions.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

I/Ocoin android wallet now available on the Google Play Store iocoin mobile

I/Ocoin launches its  android app on the google play store!

Download your iocoin #mobile wallet here:


1 - IONS - You are able to send and receive iocoins by simply using your registered username.
2 - You do not have a username? Well now you can register one straight from the app!
- click top right MENU
+ Register username!
3- Dashboard show your balance & receiving address/s
4- Send either by username or wallet address
5- Transaction view all your transactions
6- Contacts view your contacts
7- Usernames
8- Settings - Auto login, Time zone, change pass, change email.
9- Share ! Great feature you can share your fantastic news about downloading your new crypto wallet in many places.

Also what this option is very useful for, when you have your receive address, you can easily share (send) it to your email to then copy into your main desktop wallet to be able to send coins to your mobile wallet easily.

10- Log out to securely log out of your mobile wallet.

This new wallet is one of the best out there, along side #vericoin android wallet.

Download yours today!
and please take a few moments to review this App and give it the 5 Stars it deserves.

Thank you from the IO Dev Team.

If you would like to donate to our fund please do so by:

1- Simply entering our IONS name to send coins to: iofund-io

2- or using our wallet address: iqMpxsw3ZVLCNnM2Y6bLWahapbvs9cVALu

Every  donation is used to create new and fantastic developments for I/Ocoin and also to donate to people who help iocoin by posting News articles and competitions.

I/Ocoin tip bot for twitter, @tipioc . Easily send & receive iocoins via your twitter account, to anyone who has #twitter

Great news for all twitter users and fellow I/Ocoin supporters!

#iocoin can now be tipped to anyone on twtitter thanks to a fantastic developer @unekpl !   The tip bots works fantastic! Very happy with the easy of use and a perfect way to help introduce I/Ocoin to new fans of crypto currency.

Please visit #twitter to view the tipbot page:

You will notice there is a link in the profile:  for a user guide for this fantastic @tipioc bot.  It is as simple as this to use.


1 - First you will need a deposit address, simply type: @tipioc deposit

Then a few moments later you will get your deposit address to send iocoins to.

2- Go to your desktop wallet, which if you do not have one already, you can download from the official i/ocoin website here:

3- You will need to buy some iocoins (if you do not have them already)

#Bittrex and #cryptsy are good exchanges to purchase IOC, I/Ocoin.

Also Mintpal will soon be adding IOC (iocoin) to its trading pairs! Fantstic!

4- Then simply click on the send coins tab and enter your twitter tip bot address. It takes around 5mins for the coins to be avilable for you to tip them.

Tipping a twitter user 

Simply use the command: @tipioc tip @Name Amount , replace 'name' with twitter user and amount with number of coins you want to send.

Example: @tipioc tip @pixelperfecti0n 100  and moments later i will receive 100 I/Ocoins

You can also check your balance:  @tipioc balance

Plus withdraw coins: @tipioc withdraw 'your address'

Example: @tipioc withdraw iqMpxsw3ZVLCNnM2Y6bLWahapbvs9cVALu

I hope to see lots of tips flying around twitter making more and more people aware of how great this coin is.  Also with everything in life, nothing comes for free, here at i/ocoin we are spending a lot of Bitcoin (BTC) and I/Ocoins each day making these fantastic developments.

If you would like to donate to our fund please do so by:

1- Simply entering our IONS name to send coins to: iofund-io

2- or using our wallet address: iqMpxsw3ZVLCNnM2Y6bLWahapbvs9cVALu

Every  donation is used to create new and fantastic developments for I/Ocoin and also to donate to people who help iocoin by posting News articles and competitions.

Monday, 1 September 2014

I/Ocoin. A list of important places to find iocoin's news & updates

Dear I/Ocoin supporters,

After my introduction post yesterday, i remembered it will be very useful to be able to easily locate all the places I/OCoin is active, to keep you up to date with the very latest developments and news from the wonderful world of #iocoin digital currency!

So please bookmark each link (and maybe create a special 'iocoin' folder to keep them handy).

Important I/O Coin links:

Forum - Bitcoin talk iocoin main announcement (very important)

Official I/OcoinTalk Forum

Website - I/O Coin official, the only place to download new wallets and other updates!

io coin official Google + page

Twitter - (everyone loves a good tweet).

Facebook - I/O coins official #Facebook page

Blockchain - to find out info about #coin circulation and more

CoinGecko - Fantastic extra info about i/ocoin. (62nd at time of post)

Coinmarket cap - Please to check out io coins value (52nd at time of post)

I/O coin official T-shirts and other fantastic merchandise

CryptRadio - A fantastic radio station for crypto & good music lovers!

And more to follow, below is a list of the places to purchase some fantastic $IOC  I/O IO coins.


Cryptsy -

Mintpal (the best in the business) so to add i/ocoin to its new and improved site! (Very Good news)

Here at I/O Coin we would be very grateful to all out loyal followers to take a brief moment of time, to make a good tweet about iocoin, visit us in the forum and say hello on Facebook. We are still a small community compared to some coins and we would love nothing more than to see this small and very dedicated community grow, to be just as fantastic as the dogecoin community!

I/O Coin - We do not stop!  Always working and seeking ways to build on this fantastic coin!

If you would like to donate to our fund please do so by:

1- Simply entering our IONS name to send coins to:   iofund-io

2- or using our wallet address: iqMpxsw3ZVLCNnM2Y6bLWahapbvs9cVALu

Every  donation is used to create new and fantastic developments for I/Ocoin and also to donate to people who help iocoin by posting News articles and competitions.

Sunday, 31 August 2014

I/Ocoin team developments and updates for the first iocoin blog post.

Welcome to the I/O Coin Teams social developments Blog

Created by the #iocoin community manager.

 Many people who invest in #crypto currency and other digital coins, do not understand or ever get to have a insight into all the hard work the team does 'behind the scenes'.  Often coin developers in crypto release a coin as a get rich quick scheme and then end up leaving the coins once they have dumped all their coins.

Here at I/Ocoin, we want our investors and supporters to know and understand of all the hard work that is being done to take this coins to the heights it should be at and to be mentioned in the same sentence as other good coins, like Vericoin, Litecoin and of course Bitcoin.

This fantastic new #blog will be used  by the social team to update on the daily tasks and promotions taken to get i/ocoin to the masses and into the real worl,d for mass adoption, which the main goal of iocoin.

With the new introduction of IONS a unique feature, which enable the user to create a username which is linked to your wallet address,  making it easy to send and receive payments by simply using your IONS name, eg: surestrike-io. Never before has it been so easy to send and receive #coins, which takes io coin one step closer for preparing for real world businesses to easily accept this new crypto currency.

I/O coin was luanched on the 23rd July 2014.  Please visit our full announcement thread here:

 I/O coin bitcoin talk main announcement page

Since then we have made big steps in producing a very stable coin with a very secure #blockchain, which is very important for longevity.  In this time we have been steadily growing and many more people and investors are starting to take notice of iocoin and the great features is it delivering. Unlike many new alt coins which are nothing than vapor ware!

Here are some of the achievements we have made so far:

New HTML5 wallet for crypto never seen before. Completely changing from the old -qt program that has been around since crypto was invented to a more modern wallet, long over due! I/O Coin is the first crypto currency to ever try this!

IONS name server as mentioned before, allows people to easily send and receive coins by simply using their registered username, hardly any coins have managed to do this and only iocoin has managed to do it with style and make a really nice and easy to user interface.

June 30th IO coin digital currency donates $10,000 dollars to a very good cause, see here:

August 5th - scavenger hunt/quiz  one lucky winner 'crypto182' won 3,000 iocoins and a official io coin T-shirt!

August 8th - PoS2.0 came into action making the blockchain more secure and variable interest payments continue without a glitch.

August 19th - New IONS wallet released . Please download your new walelt from the official io coin website: and  create your own unique username today!

August 23rd - J.Bosch@Wizrig Donates $100 to the #icebucketchallenge calls out others crypto currency coins to do the same and none of them met his $100 donation! (again a true testament of why #iocin is giving back to people less fortunate than us and not taking like most other crypto coins are made for.

August 31st - #iocoin is the first digital currency to sponsor cryptradio a new radio station for the crypto world.

September 30th - New POS I/O (pos3) will be implemented on block 100,000. All iocoin users must upgrade to new wallet V3.

Well that's all folks....for now.

Please bookmark this cryptocoin #blog and check in daily to see exactly of the steps being taken  by this hard working team who will make crypto history!

There is a fantastic demonstration  video for registering your own IONS name
on you tube, created by one of our supporters:

A BIG thank you for all the IO Dev Team and we hope to see many more new followers and users of this fantastic I/Ocoin.

If you would like to donate to our fund please do so by:

1- Simply entering our IONS name to send coins to: iofund-io

2- or using our wallet address: iqMpxsw3ZVLCNnM2Y6bLWahapbvs9cVALu

Every  donation is used to create new and fantastic developments for I/Ocoin and also to donate to people who help iocoin by posting News articles and competitions.