Sunday, 31 August 2014

I/Ocoin team developments and updates for the first iocoin blog post.

Welcome to the I/O Coin Teams social developments Blog

Created by the #iocoin community manager.

 Many people who invest in #crypto currency and other digital coins, do not understand or ever get to have a insight into all the hard work the team does 'behind the scenes'.  Often coin developers in crypto release a coin as a get rich quick scheme and then end up leaving the coins once they have dumped all their coins.

Here at I/Ocoin, we want our investors and supporters to know and understand of all the hard work that is being done to take this coins to the heights it should be at and to be mentioned in the same sentence as other good coins, like Vericoin, Litecoin and of course Bitcoin.

This fantastic new #blog will be used  by the social team to update on the daily tasks and promotions taken to get i/ocoin to the masses and into the real worl,d for mass adoption, which the main goal of iocoin.

With the new introduction of IONS a unique feature, which enable the user to create a username which is linked to your wallet address,  making it easy to send and receive payments by simply using your IONS name, eg: surestrike-io. Never before has it been so easy to send and receive #coins, which takes io coin one step closer for preparing for real world businesses to easily accept this new crypto currency.

I/O coin was luanched on the 23rd July 2014.  Please visit our full announcement thread here:

 I/O coin bitcoin talk main announcement page

Since then we have made big steps in producing a very stable coin with a very secure #blockchain, which is very important for longevity.  In this time we have been steadily growing and many more people and investors are starting to take notice of iocoin and the great features is it delivering. Unlike many new alt coins which are nothing than vapor ware!

Here are some of the achievements we have made so far:

New HTML5 wallet for crypto never seen before. Completely changing from the old -qt program that has been around since crypto was invented to a more modern wallet, long over due! I/O Coin is the first crypto currency to ever try this!

IONS name server as mentioned before, allows people to easily send and receive coins by simply using their registered username, hardly any coins have managed to do this and only iocoin has managed to do it with style and make a really nice and easy to user interface.

June 30th IO coin digital currency donates $10,000 dollars to a very good cause, see here:

August 5th - scavenger hunt/quiz  one lucky winner 'crypto182' won 3,000 iocoins and a official io coin T-shirt!

August 8th - PoS2.0 came into action making the blockchain more secure and variable interest payments continue without a glitch.

August 19th - New IONS wallet released . Please download your new walelt from the official io coin website: and  create your own unique username today!

August 23rd - J.Bosch@Wizrig Donates $100 to the #icebucketchallenge calls out others crypto currency coins to do the same and none of them met his $100 donation! (again a true testament of why #iocin is giving back to people less fortunate than us and not taking like most other crypto coins are made for.

August 31st - #iocoin is the first digital currency to sponsor cryptradio a new radio station for the crypto world.

September 30th - New POS I/O (pos3) will be implemented on block 100,000. All iocoin users must upgrade to new wallet V3.

Well that's all folks....for now.

Please bookmark this cryptocoin #blog and check in daily to see exactly of the steps being taken  by this hard working team who will make crypto history!

There is a fantastic demonstration  video for registering your own IONS name
on you tube, created by one of our supporters:

A BIG thank you for all the IO Dev Team and we hope to see many more new followers and users of this fantastic I/Ocoin.

If you would like to donate to our fund please do so by:

1- Simply entering our IONS name to send coins to: iofund-io

2- or using our wallet address: iqMpxsw3ZVLCNnM2Y6bLWahapbvs9cVALu

Every  donation is used to create new and fantastic developments for I/Ocoin and also to donate to people who help iocoin by posting News articles and competitions.

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