Tuesday, 2 September 2014

I/Ocoin tip bot for twitter, @tipioc . Easily send & receive iocoins via your twitter account, to anyone who has #twitter

Great news for all twitter users and fellow I/Ocoin supporters!

#iocoin can now be tipped to anyone on twtitter thanks to a fantastic developer @unekpl !   The tip bots works fantastic! Very happy with the easy of use and a perfect way to help introduce I/Ocoin to new fans of crypto currency.

Please visit #twitter to view the tipbot page: https://twitter.com/tipioc

You will notice there is a link in the profile: http://iocoin.coinlabs.org/twitter/  for a user guide for this fantastic @tipioc bot.  It is as simple as this to use.


1 - First you will need a deposit address, simply type: @tipioc deposit

Then a few moments later you will get your deposit address to send iocoins to.

2- Go to your desktop wallet, which if you do not have one already, you can download from the official i/ocoin website here: http://iocoin.io/

3- You will need to buy some iocoins (if you do not have them already)

#Bittrex and #cryptsy are good exchanges to purchase IOC, I/Ocoin.

Also Mintpal will soon be adding IOC (iocoin) to its trading pairs! Fantstic!

4- Then simply click on the send coins tab and enter your twitter tip bot address. It takes around 5mins for the coins to be avilable for you to tip them.

Tipping a twitter user 

Simply use the command: @tipioc tip @Name Amount , replace 'name' with twitter user and amount with number of coins you want to send.

Example: @tipioc tip @pixelperfecti0n 100  and moments later i will receive 100 I/Ocoins

You can also check your balance:  @tipioc balance

Plus withdraw coins: @tipioc withdraw 'your address'

Example: @tipioc withdraw iqMpxsw3ZVLCNnM2Y6bLWahapbvs9cVALu

I hope to see lots of tips flying around twitter making more and more people aware of how great this coin is.  Also with everything in life, nothing comes for free, here at i/ocoin we are spending a lot of Bitcoin (BTC) and I/Ocoins each day making these fantastic developments.

If you would like to donate to our fund please do so by:

1- Simply entering our IONS name to send coins to: iofund-io

2- or using our wallet address: iqMpxsw3ZVLCNnM2Y6bLWahapbvs9cVALu

Every  donation is used to create new and fantastic developments for I/Ocoin and also to donate to people who help iocoin by posting News articles and competitions.

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