Thursday, 18 September 2014

Facebook I/Ocoin prize rules.

Dear fellow I/Ocoin supporters.

Our facebook page, is gaining lots of followers, no surprise considering the fantastic #iocoin monthly give away, we are rewarding to our loyal Facebook fans.

With this in mind, i want to outline a few simple steps to make sure you have the best chance of wining.

1- Download the new #iocoin wallet for your desktop computer today.
Download latest iocoin wallet

2- Make sure to keep your wallet open and staking, daily, as it also keeps the blocks up to date.
*If your blocks are not up to date it takes much longer to receive coins

3- Create your IONS user name. How to here:
How to create a iocoin IONS username.

Now you are ready to receive your #Free #iocoin .

NOTE: All prizes will be sent to #facebook follower using their IONS name.

Good luck and i look forward to seeing you on facebook -

UPDATE: Coins will be given away to the most active and Loyal supporters.

Please see this post: #1203  it will guide you on all the fantastic places you can help spread the good word about I/Ocoin.

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