Friday, 12 September 2014

I/OCoin working Devs and their development projects.

Hello Fellow Crypto Fans,

It has been a while since i last made a post as i was out of the country, now i am home and back to business (although i was still working while i was away, no rest for the I/Ocoin team members!)

Many people are not aware of the developments and developers I/Ocoin has, so today i am going to make a post that shows the numbers of Dev's and what they are working on.

As I/Ocoin has several Devs from Russia, they can not be named, so simple numbers will be used.


#1,2,3: Working on the new HTML wallet.  One of the very first coins in crypto to have such a new  wallet for storing your coins on your desktop! The old QT wallet has never been re-designed and totally remade, this is going to be a trend setter in crypto.

#4 - Re-branding, working on a whole new look for I/Ocoin , much more professional and business orientated.

#5,6 - Working on make the POS network much more secure and stable and will soon launch POS£.0  brand new to the crypto world!

#7,8 - Working on adding new 'tabs' and features to the new HTML wallet.

#9 Creating POS3.0 !  Making the block chain even more secure and reliable!

Working on a Top Secret project, no details can be released, as this has never been done before in #crypto and for a god reason, it is 'world class' developing difficulty... Watch this space!

Plus not to forget the hard work done by the mobile wallet creators also.

Also there are 2 Full Time social staff working on keeping all our investors up to date with the news and updates.

At I/Ocoin the Devs do not stop, we have Developers from Europe and in America so working around the clock, no mater what time of the day it is where you are, they is ALWAYS someone doing something to help with the developments of io coin.

I/Ocoin does not give false promises like most of other alts in the crypto currency market.  It gives people real developments and real features.

Stay Tuned!

 If you would like to donate to our fund please do so by:

1- Simply entering our IONS name to send coins to: iofund-io

2- or using our wallet address: iqMpxsw3ZVLCNnM2Y6bLWahapbvs9cVALu

Every  donation is used to create new and fantastic developments for I/Ocoin and also to donate to people who help iocoin by posting News articles and competitions.

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