Tuesday, 2 September 2014

I/Ocoin android wallet now available on the Google Play Store iocoin mobile

I/Ocoin launches its  android app on the google play store!

Download your iocoin #mobile wallet here:



1 - IONS - You are able to send and receive iocoins by simply using your registered username.
2 - You do not have a username? Well now you can register one straight from the app!
- click top right MENU
+ Register username!
3- Dashboard show your balance & receiving address/s
4- Send either by username or wallet address
5- Transaction view all your transactions
6- Contacts view your contacts
7- Usernames
8- Settings - Auto login, Time zone, change pass, change email.
9- Share ! Great feature you can share your fantastic news about downloading your new crypto wallet in many places.

Also what this option is very useful for, when you have your receive address, you can easily share (send) it to your email to then copy into your main desktop wallet to be able to send coins to your mobile wallet easily.

10- Log out to securely log out of your mobile wallet.

This new wallet is one of the best out there, along side #vericoin android wallet.

Download yours today! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.coinlabs.iocoin
and please take a few moments to review this App and give it the 5 Stars it deserves.

Thank you from the IO Dev Team.

If you would like to donate to our fund please do so by:

1- Simply entering our IONS name to send coins to: iofund-io

2- or using our wallet address: iqMpxsw3ZVLCNnM2Y6bLWahapbvs9cVALu

Every  donation is used to create new and fantastic developments for I/Ocoin and also to donate to people who help iocoin by posting News articles and competitions.

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