Saturday, 13 September 2014

I/Ocoin's long term vision of being fully transparent and abiding within all anti-money laundering regulations.

The future of Digital Coins is to be fully law abiding, this is exactly what iocoin will always remain.

I/OCoin is a long term coin that has taken steps from day one to make sure if gets adopted by real world #business and by doing this will still be around when the government takes measures to ban or seriously restrict any digital #currency that does not fall within the rules banks and other financial institutions abide by.

Please read the extract "from  Erik Barnett, HSI, U.S. Department of Homeland Security"
posted on our forum:

It explains clearly what the future holds for digital currency and those alternate coins who do not fall within these laws will, no doubt, be banned from the exchanges.

Many great points to consider.  This is vital is you want to invest in a coin that has a real world use and adoption.

"law enforcement also recognizes that virtual currencies must play by the same rules that create trust in financial institutions.  Because, ultimately to succeed, they will need to be seen by consumers and businesses as reliable and not as the backbone of an underground criminal economy"

 I/O coin plays by the same rules, we are coin that people and businesses can trust and rely upon.

  "virtual currencies need to engage in self-policing through industry-proven anti-money laundering controls.  They also need to eliminate anonymous transactions and should be regulated universally with harmonized rules"

I/O Coin has always been Non Anon and it shall always remain this way! This is a very smart move by the team with their fantastic long term vision. IF you are not investing in Non Anon coins, you are risking your investment disappearing over night!

"Anti-Money Laundering Controls

Self-policing against money laundering is a hallmark of the financial industry worldwide.  Establishing appropriate anti-money laundering controls results in banking systems not plagued by criminal activity or terrorist financing."

Developments are being made for the future to ensure all io coins transactions can be easily traced and invoiced.


As to regulation, the financial industry is already highly regulated.  FinCEN has recently made clear that virtual currencies fall under current regulations.  So, no one is proposing special regulations for the internet that do not apply to brick and mortar banking facilities. Now, innovators and entrepreneurs may recoil at the word regulation"

Without regulation, crypto will remain like the wild west, a continuous creating of scam coins and people loosing their hard earned money to criminals. I/O Coin welcome regulations as this will ensure investors in crypto currency will have little to fear and know that their investment is as secure as it can be.

"We have a unique opportunity to get ahead of this, to see, based upon the past year or two, what the next five years will likely look like if we do not make some changes in how we look at this new technology to eliminate the criminal exploitation that will undoubtedly occur.

And as importantly, with an appropriate level of private and public cooperation, we can see a robust industry in virtual currencies with a strong reputation as appropriate intermediaries of online commerce"

Being a digital coin that is trying putting back faith into the crypto world and making people see that investing in genuine coins, is the best move is what I/O coin is doing daily.   We want to create the most transparent coins the #crypto world has ever seen, because by doing this, we will have the very best change of mass adoption and with mass adoption comes the returns that all the hard work done by this fantastic developer team and all our loyal investors will deserve.

But our main goal will always be the same. To be fully law abiding and work hard towards real world business adoption.

Many thanks from all the team!

If you would like to donate to our fund please do so by:

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